SAN BENEDETTO Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

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Monthly Bottled Water Delivery Plan

Get safe and clean drinking water delivered to your doorstep every month with our automatic delivery service! Say goodbye to the hassle of ordering regularly and choose a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. Stay hydrated effortlessly and order now!

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Duration Monthly Bottles Avg Price/Month* Total Price*
12 months 1.5L x 30 btl HKD$272
6 months 1.5L x 30 btl HKD$289
3 months 1.5L x 30 btl HKD$306


Order Arrangements

  • Order Cut Off: 25th every month
  • Delivery Date: 1st of every month
  • For example, if you place an order on 24th May, 2023, your delivery will begin on 1st Jun, 2023; if you place an order on 30th May, 2023, your delivery will begin on 1st July, 2023.

Product Feature

  • This low-mineral content water starts in the glacial snows of the enchanting Dolomite mountains and slowly flows through the Venetian Alps, and naturally filters to the plain at Scorzè, taking up on its way. This Italian sparkling water is perfect for everyday drinking.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to here.

Store in a cool, dry place. Photo for reference only.

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