DASHIJIE Iberico Pork & XO Sauce Dumpling ( 2 pieces / bag)

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  • NEW Product 2022! Our XO sauces have always been a fan favourite. During CNY our home brew Ham XO Sauce is the essence of its eponymous radish cake. As a new addition to our Dragonboat Festival assortment, we have paired Iberico pork with our Ham XO Sauce for a tantalising surprise.
  • 100% Handmade in Hong Kong.
  • No added perservatives, MSG, colouring
  • Weight approximately 230g each ( 2 pc/pack).

Early Bird Period: 
5/5/2022 - 18/5/2022

Keep frozen

*Photo for reference only.

Terms and Conditions

1. Only delivery availble, delivery period during 20/5/2022-27/5/2022
2. citysuper limited reserved the final decision.

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