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SHANG PALACE Morrel mushrooms, imperial fungus ,assorted mushrooms and five grains bamboo dumpling voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Iberico pork belly and cordycep dumpling voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Shang Palace Taste of Asia Gift Box voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE 30-year Tangerine Peel and Sweetened Red Bean Paste Dumpling Voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Sweetened lotus seed paste dumpling voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Sticky Rice Dumpling with Dried Scallop, Roasted Pork and Salted Egg Yolk Voucher (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Sticky rice dumpling with abalone, dried scallop, roasted pork and salted egg yolk voucher  (1pc)
SHANG PALACE 27-Head Yoshihama Abalone & Yunnan Ham Dumpling voucher  (1pc)
SHANG PALACE Kids DIY Icy Dumpling Set voucher (1pc)
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