Brings out the essence of good material with every possible effort

One thing you could say to make good Sake is to use high quality materials – Water and Rice.

Hakkaisan uses “Spring water from Raiden” for all brands of Hakkaisan. The spring water is brought to our Kura (Sake factory) from the foot of Mt. Hakkai through pipe line. Rice brands of Goyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki which are believed to be the most suitable rice for making the Sake are used for making Hakkaisan. Needless to say, Hakkaisan carefully select the place and the growers of rice. Based on traditional know how and every possible effort and using these strictly selected materials, Hakkaisan makes the best quality Sake.

Sake made from best materials available, with love, tender and care, Hakkaisan makes well-balanced highest dignity and quality Sake. The definition of highest quality Sake is, Hakkaisan believes, Sake that has full body but clear and smooth which does not interfere or disturbs the taste of food.
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